My Services

After doing a traditional Extra Lesson Assessment, I incorporate all of my findings in to a Lesson Plan which includes Extra Lesson exercises, as well as exercises from brain researchers such as Carla Hannaford. The Lesson Plan might include:

  • Floor exercises – to recapitulate early movements in order to work through retained, or partially retained, reflexes
  • Work on balance beams and balance boards. For example: reciting a short sentence while walking forward on a beam, then reciting the sentence backwards, while walking backwards
  • Ball bouncing games
  • Jumping rope
  • Yoga techniques for brain integration and grounding
  • Form drawing
  • Painting

Each of these exercises are healing in a wide range of ways, from integrating the brain, to helping with balance, breathing, spatial orientation, body geography, bilateral integration, and integrating the primitive reflexes. Through the work that I do with my clients, I have seen people of all ages find that behavioral, emotional, and academic challenges fade away, and a feeling of balance and well-being takes their place.